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There is Power in Problematic Situations!

As a Christian, it is easy to consider mission trips to overseas nations as some of the top places plagued with problems. It is easy to identify third world countries and war-torn places as top places in desperate need of help. Although there are many impoverished places throughout the world that need transforming, some of the places in dire need are not that very far away. I went through a period of my life where I saw that many people who are in need are right outside your front door. You would be surprised by those who are needing of a transformation.

The power of Jesus Christ can be seen in countries like Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, Ecuador and Kenya where mission trips are commonly taken. Many of the residents of these countries lack certain resources. People go to these places to offer medical care, food and support. They also go to these countries to spread the word of Jesus Christ. By being kind and serving people living in impoverished nations allows people to see the truth and light of Jesus Christ. These are not the only countries that have been transformed by the helping hands of those trying to do the work of Jesus Christ.

Even here in the United States you can help others and witness the power of Jesus Christ transforming the lives of people. Mental health programs, programs for children and assistance for single mothers are only a few of the examples where people can get the help they need. The power of Jesus Christ can be seen in places like homeless shelters and food banks. These places offer housing and food to those in need. The power of how Jesus Christ can transform the lives of people can be seen all across the world.

Jesus Christ can transform even the worst of conditions. These conditions may be health-related, poverty, financial issues or living in a poor country. But sometimes the worst conditions a person may face may be homelessness, a lack of food or unemployment. Going through hard times and facing hard conditions does not have to be so extreme as living in a third world country. I learned this and realized this a few years ago when I began to connect with people who lived in my own city.

A lot of the people I connected with looked like regular people. They talked like me. They had some of the same similar interests as me. But they had different issues than me. You would have never thought they were facing the issues they were facing. This is why it is always best to be kind and be loving to all people you meet because you never truly know what a person is facing.

I took the time to go to different parts of the city. I went to different restaurants, events and places. I began to mingle with people who were different but also similar to myself. The people I connected with I met them at the park. I met them sitting outside of restaurants. I met them at the grocery store. Often times they simply wanted someone to talk to. From conversation i learned that many of them had fell to hard times. Looking back I wish I would have shared some bible verses with them. The bible verses probably would have really helped lift their spirits. I am glad I was able to connect with these people.

I have met educated homeless people who simply gotten off track in life. I have met people whose home was a park bench. I have witnessed people pick food from the garbage can. I have met people who got fired unexpectedly with a family to support. I have met so many different people on different walks of life. When I met those people I never judged but simply wondered how they got where they were. I wanted to learn who they were. I wanted to let them know they are not their situation. I am not sure what happen to everyone I met but I pray their troubling times came to an end. I pray they received transformation as many of them believed in the power of Jesus Christ.

Your life can be headed down the wrong direction. You may be having a hard time financially. You may be having family issues. But Jesus Christ can turn all of this around for you. Never give up and never lose the faith. The problematic situations you will go through will overall craft you into the person God has called you to be.

If you are a person who is in the position to help someone while they are going through a transformation, stand by them and be helpful. Sometimes people need a helping hand. Sometimes people need a listening ear. Sometimes people need guidance. Sometimes all people need is love and reassurance that they are cared for. This is what I offered to all the people I met while on my journey to transforming my own life. While my own life got made anew, there was a few people that offered a helping hand, care and understanding. We all need these. We all should offer these to others.

My advice to any Christian wanting to help others see the truth and life of Jesus Christ is to spread the gospel, be loving, be kind and serve others. Give what you can to people. Giving does not have to be just money. But give mostly your time, support and love to others. Remind people that Jesus Christ can transform them out of any circumstance.

My advice to any Christian or anyone seeking transformation by Jesus Christ would be to pray for clarity.I personally pray for clarity about people, situations and anything I am facing in life. I would urge them to pray for Jesus Christ to reveal clarity and information to them in a way they understand. I personally pray for all those who are looking to help others transform and those who are being transformed. Prayer is powerful. Jesus Christ can transform any person and any situation. Jesus Christ can transform even the worst of conditions and I wholeheartedly believe this.

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