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Robert Mening December 30, 2015 at 10:26 am Hi Vivek, If you are aiming for visitors all over the world, the domain extension doesn’t matter. (.com isn’t more prioritised than .org or .net). They are all equal to each other. Reply

There is a ridiculous amount of content out there on the topic of AdSense. While most of it is completely worthless (the countless articles with titles like “How to Quadruple Your AdSense Earnings in 30 Seconds”), there are a number of high quality resources that offer up actionable advice. Some of the best tools, newsletters, and forums include:

Hello, this is a very well writen and informative article. I have been using adsense for a couple of months on my site but and earn enough to buy one maybee two cups of coffe a month. I have come to understand that it is the placement that is the key. As you say in your article, in-article placement is the way to go. It also, as I have come to understand, makes difference from where you get the traffic. The majority of my traffic is from stumbleupon and facebook, non-targeted and that is probably the reason that about 5000 uni. visitors a day only results in a couple of cups of coffe for me.

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Kamp November 23, 2014 at 10:09 pm I have just built a new site and looking at ways to monitize it, the information you have provided on this page is very useful. I’m sure I will be getting back you soon on this platform to inform you how much I will be making after implementing your suggestions. Thank you once again. Reply

Advertisers pay Google each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement. A click may be worth anywhere from a few cents to over $50 for highly competitive search terms, including insurance, loans and other financial services. (For more, see: Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads.)

Making a profit as a professional blogger is 100% archivable. I’ve been earning for living from blogging and affiliate marketing since 2012. Building a successful but profitable blog takes a lot of time, hard work, and planning the strategies which you’ll work.

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There are many ad network programs similar to AdSense, such as and InfoLinks. Some might require a traffic threshold, so you’d need to wait until your site established before being accepted. Most have similar rules to Google, such as a limit to the number of the network’s ads per page (usually 3) and termination for clicking your own ads. In most cases, you can run different ad networks on your site without violating terms of service, but you’ll want to read the rules of each network before doing it.

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C.Price December 15, 2015 at 12:30 pm Try Project Wonderful. If they’ll accept you, their advertisers bid for space on your site based on traffic and views, not clicks. I found they work well as a partner to Adsense. Reply

Manuel February 9, 2016 at 6:59 pm Hi Robert. Thanks for the article! I hope you can help me figure out what to do. I have a youtube channel with excel tutorial, it’s doing pretty good however, I’m getting lots and lots of questions and e-mails asking for help with different excel problems. I also have a website with some basic information and files to download and use with the youtube videos. I don’t want to monetize that website, but I’d like to ask for a donation whenever I solve an excel problem through e-mail. I thought about using a donation button from paypal and pasting it to my e-mails however I read that you can only use that button if you’re a nonprofit, and that’s not my case. I also don’t want to use a buy now button cause I don’t want to set a price for my help, I just want people to decide if they want to donate and how much they want to donate. Thank you so much for your help. Reply

Reply Chris Lee Taking content out of books is a blackhat tactic that’s existed for a long time. I wouldn’t recommend it, as you will eventually be caught, and in the worst case, have a law suit thrown at you.

Rachel Shelley June 8, 2017 at 5:21 pm Awesome! Love this!!! You’ve given me many good ideas. I’ve been putting together a business plan for my blog (I know, who does that?), but it’s my business and I want it done well. I know I can drive views, but I also wanted to expand. Thank you for sharing, Robert!! Reply

I have a question regarding accepting ads on your site/blog. I have a blog that is monetized through affiliate links. I’m over 20k monthly unique visitors, so I’m interested in accepting advertisement banners, but I’m a bit conflicted. If the ads do their job, and attract clicks away from my site, how will that affect the income from my current links? Is it worth it to place advertising on a blog that is already generating affiliate income?

If you offer products or services on your website, you may find that some ads Google delivers come from your competitors. Another issue that can occur is ads that may not be completely legitimate or they might offend your market. To prevent these offers from showing up on your site, Google AdSense allows you to block up to 200 URLs from appearing on your site.

Taking content out of books is a blackhat tactic that’s existed for a long time. I wouldn’t recommend it, as you will eventually be caught, and in the worst case, have a law suit thrown at you.

Great article ! I created a site a few months ago and for monetization I am currently using AdSense … but am looking at other options. For affiliate marketing I have looked at Commission Junction. Also, what do you think about Amazon Associates? Thank you, Bob

Hi Robert. Thanks for sharing these useful website monetization tips. I followed your tutorial on building websites using wordpress, and I’m thinking of building one. But I live in LIBERIA, a country that doesn’t have credit card system and is not supported by paypal. How I’m I gonna get paid for my ads. I’m a kind of worried.


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