Discovering wordpress and authority blogs

Welcome to my blog, today I’m gonna share my testimony on how I came across blogging. It was back in 2012 I was 21 years old, I was on the internet looking how to earn money and change my life. I came across adsense and First step was to get my feet wet , so I first tried to make a blog almost random topics, now I know from experience that actually was not a good idea to benefit me in retaining an audience.

I ended up coming across a website developer named Sterday, really honest guy. I bought a site for 120 from him, and established my first site called which ended up earning 1500 dollars in 3 months and this blew my mind. I was hooked my mind was set on scaling and establishing more sites. I built a few more and due to family health issues I was stumped for the last 3 or 4 years. I’m finally working full time again and able to afford the hosting and domains. So I’m gonna push out some strong info on this blog.

My goal for this year is to build 3 categories with about 10 articles each. So this will be my first post/brainstorm pad. My first category will be primarily focusing on the domain name goldnottrash and will be articles about trash that can be turned into valuable worthwhile items. My second category will be on life principles and discipline and I will call it Bastion meaning enough is enough and challenge many on life choices and patterns. And last of all the final category will be about me on my journey of building a powerful authority blog that google will love and my experience of expanding it into an awesome web site.

So thanks again for joining me and I cant wait to show you what I got.

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